Thrown a Lifeline

Oct 29, 2019 | Whānau Stories

When mum-of-three Kerry found herself in a new city with no local support, life was challenging. Throw into the mix a unique illness leaving her on crutches for three months, and it became a gruelling period of time. That’s when Bellyful stepped in and became the lifeline that she needed.

Kerry was pregnant with her third child when she moved to Tauranga with her husband and two children aged four and two years. When baby Zac arrived early less than a week after the move, it came as a bit of a surprise to the family. As anyone with a newborn knows, those first few weeks and months can be hard. With no local support network, that challenge was heightened. Then life threw Kerry and her family a further curveball when she awoke in the night to excruciating hip pain, just two weeks after having Zac.

“It was worse than childbirth if you can believe”, says Kerry. “All five of us jumped in the ambulance and ended up at Tauranga Hospital at 2am in the morning”. After a series of tests, the doctors were not able to pin-point the specific cause of her hip pain and she was required to stay in hospital for two weeks. Luckily, the staff were fantastic. Baby Zac was allowed to stay with Kerry for the duration of her time there. “It was a nice bonding time for bub and I, while my parents looked after the older kids”.

When Kerry was discharged however, she was told she had to use crutches for three months and had limited movement. She also experienced ongoing pain and had to visit the hospital regularly for pain medication. In due course Kerry’s parents flew home to Auckland and her husband returned to work. Life was tough caring for a newborn and 2 older kids in a new city where she knew no one.

That’s when Kate, a friend of Kerry’s living in Auckland, decided she could do with a helping hand. Kate was a Bellyful recipient five years prior when she had twins. She’d found it a wonderful help and thought it could be just the thing to take a bit of pressure off Kerry during this difficult time. Kate jumped online and nominated Kerry on the Bellyful website. The referral process was simple and easy, and within a short time Kerry received a special food delivery containing 3 nights worth of dinners and some additional snacks.

Kerry described the delivery of the meals as ‘a total lifesaver’.
“I’d never heard of Bellyful before and I was super impressed. It was a blessing because it was so easy. It meant I had one less thing to worry about. A lady just turned up on my doorstep. She was a friendly, happy person…it was great.”

Kerry’s favourite meal was the lasagne as the whole family loved it. The bolognese was really tasty and it included hidden grated veges which was “great to get some healthy food down the little ones”.
These days Kerry is off the crutches and living a happy, healthy life in Tauranga with her young family. She reflects back on her Bellyful experience with admiration and gratitude. Kerry is a big fan of Bellyful and has since donated to the organisation as well as nominated a friend as a recipient.

Words by Claire Levien Photos from Kerry

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