Bellyful Corporate Partners and Sponsors

Many organisations choose to partner with Bellyful, from national and regional companies to local clubs and societies, these partnerships often run for several years. This is because they can see the real difference their support makes to people in their local communities.

Whether it is a message that resonates with their customers or engages employees who have experienced first-hand the support Bellyful provides; or if it’s simply about supporting a worthwhile cause by standing alongside our volunteers and our communities who share a common desire to do their bit, these relationships are always a force for good.

Working alongside Bellyful offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Demonstrating to your employees, customers and potential customers your company’s commitment to an issue that affects lives every single day.
  • Generating positive local PR about your company as an employer.
  • Demonstrating your company values and commitment to your local community by supporting a national charity, with a genuine local impact.
  • Encouraging team building and boosting staff morale.

Bellyful supports your partnership by:

  • Generating positive local and national awareness of your involvement.
  • Promoting your involvement with us, through our newsletters, website, and social media.
  • Giving informative and motivational presentations to your staff or customers.
  • Supplying innovative but simple company based fundraising tips and ideas.
  • By clearly showing the difference you have made with straightforward and impactful information.
  • Creating seasonal marketing materials to encourage staff fundraising.
  • Supporting your team building and employee engagement initiatives.

Employee Engagement

Everyone has needed a helping hand at some point in their lives, so for many organisations Bellyful is a cause with which employees can easily resonate with.

Corporate sponsorship and employee fundraising if one of the main ways businesses engage and connects local causes with their teams. It is the easiest way to gather your teams, do something fun and use the power of your friends, family, and colleagues to do something good

From sponsoring our events, to running marathons and climbing mountains, to holding cake sales and fundraising dinners, customers and employees are raising money while having a great deal of fun and working better together as a team.

Supporting Bellyful in this way offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Providing great staff engagement opportunities to aid personal development and boost morale.
  • Demonstrating your company values and commitment to your employees and local community on an issue that is a genuine national cause.
  • Encouraging team building and development.


Volunteers are the heart of Bellyful, and we could not provide the service we do without them. Bellyful has more than 500 volunteers and 25 volunteer branches across the country. Since 2009 Bellyful volunteers have delivered over 170,000 meals to 30,000 NZ whānau.

Just like your company, supporting and training our volunteers helps both retain volunteers and build community connection by making Bellyful a great organisation to volunteer with. Training supports our branches across several different areas including finance, legal, fundraising, training, volunteer recognition and volunteer onboarding.

The most cost-effective way to deliver training is en masse, and we usually hold a training weekend every 2nd year.  Our next training weekend is in October 2022, and there are a range of sponsorship opportunities available to help support our volunteers and raise the profile of your company and the good that you do in our communities across New Zealand.

Gift in Kind and Pro Bono

Another way that companies choose to collaborate with us and engage staff is by offering pro bono professional support. It could be anything, from offering free legal advice to having a specialist staff member seconded to the Charity to help us deliver transformational projects. As a small charity and team, we often have to buy in specialists to help us. If you chose to support us in this way, we can reduce our running costs and more of our donations can go towards providing meals in our local communities.

Bellyful is also extremely fortunate to receive generous donations of gifts in kind from our partners, including:

  • IT equipment
  • Office supplies and consumables
  • Meal ingredients
  • Kitchen whiteware and cooking utensils
  • ‘Money can’t buy’ auction prizes
  • Gifts for our fundraising raffles

Gifts in kind help us keep our efficiency high, and this also ensures more funds go directly towards filling empty bellies.

If you are interested in sponsoring Bellyful, or if you have a great idea, you’d like to talk to us about, please contact us on 0508 BELLYFUL (0508 2355938) or complete the form below. We’d love to hear from you.

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