About Bellyful

Having a new baby, or young children, can be really, really hard work! And having a good support network is one of the main ingredients for getting through those early stages. Bellyful’s main criteria are simply that the whānau we support have babies or young children, and don’t have others available to do what we do – cook and deliver free meals.

Who is Bellyful for? What if I do not qualify?

Our volunteer-driven charity is about getting whānau with babies or young children through a ‘bump’ or a tough patch. We are not an emergency food service and can’t provide food immediately, or offer food parcels or other essentials. But we do have a great list of other support.

Leadership Opportunities

There are a range of roles we need to fill, such as leadership, fundraising, cooking and delivering. We’d love to hear from you if you have some time to spare!

Te Reo Māori

Bellyful nourishes and connects communities by cooking and delivering free meals to whānau with babies or young children, who need support.

E whāngai ana, e tūhono ana hoki a Bellyful i ngā hapori mā te tunu me te whakataka i ngā kai utukore ki ngā whānau whai pēpi, whai kōhungahunga rānei, e matea nei te tautoko.

Me pēhea mātou koe e āwhina?

Request Help or Refer A Family

“Seriously? Free Meals?!”

“I nē? He kai utukore?!”

At Bellyful, we know how hard those early years can be – and that’s before adding other children or career demands to the mix!
Since 2009, Bellyful volunteers have nourished and connected communities by cooking and delivering meals to whānau, with babies or young children, who need support. Having a few meals delivered by a friendly face can be a real sanity-saver.
Bellyful is now supporting whānau in 25 communities across New Zealand thanks to our wonderful sponsors, supporters, and volunteers our service is free.
Want to know if Bellyful is supporting your community?
Ki Bellyful, e mōhio pū ana mātou ki ngā taumahatanga i ngā tau nohinohi – me te aha hoki, e pēnā tonu ana i mua i te tāpiri i ngā tamariki anō, me āu mahi hoki!
Nō te 2009, kua whāngai, kua tūhono hoki ngā tūao o Bellyful i ngā hapori mā te tunu me te whakataka i ngā kai utukore ki ngā whānau whai pēpi, whai kōhungahunga rānei, e matea nei te tautoko. Mā te whai i ngā kai e whakatakangia nei e tētahi hoa whai aroha e tau ai te mauri.
E tautoko ana a Bellyful i ngā whānau ki ngā hapori e 25 puta noa i Aotearoa nā ō mātou kaitautoko mīharo rātou ko ngā tūao, ka mutu, he utukore te ratonga nei.
E hiahia ana kia mōhio ki tā Bellyful tautoko ai i tō hapori?

About Bellyful

Bellyful was ‘born’ out of the desire to see families supported by their fellow community members.


I ‘puāwai’ a Bellyful i te kōingo kia tautokona ngā whānau e ō rātou ake hapori.

Bellyful Volunteers

Join our ever-growing team of amazing volunteers, helping us fill bellies across New Zealand.

Ngā Tūao Bellyful

Tūhono mai ki tā mātou puna tūao e kaha tupu haere ana, kia puta a Pito huri noa i Aotearoa.

Support Bellyful

We need your help to fill bellies! Donations of any size will all help whānau who need a bit of extra support.

Tautokona a Bellyful

E matea ana tō āwhina e mātou kia whakakī puku! Mā ngā takohatanga, ahakoa te rahi, ngā whānau e āwhina ai pēnā e matea ana te tautoko e rātou.

About Bellyful

Bellyful was ‘born’ out of the desire to see families supported by their fellow community members.

Bellyful Volunteers

Join our ever-growing team of amazing volunteers, helping us fill bellies across New Zealand.

Support Bellyful

We need your help to fill bellies! Donations of any size will all help our families who need a bit of extra support.

Frequently Asked

Please get in touch if you have any further questions.

Does Bellyful deliver in my area?

Bellyful currently delivers in 25 New Zealand communities. Head over to our Branches page to see where we are.

How do I know whether I can receive meals from Bellyful?

Bellyful supports whānau with babies or young children who need support, particularly those without friends, family, or a community that can provide meals. We support whānau when someone in the immediate whānau is very unwell when there is a multiple births when someone is in hospital and in many other situations. We also support whānau when a pregnant mum is unwell, and whānau, with young children, who have suffered a loss. Please go to our referral forms to refer yourself. If you are referring someone else, you must ask for their permission first.

How many meals does Bellyful provide?

Bellyful will deliver enough meals to feed a whānau for three nights. We don’t offer long-term support, but are designed to get you through a tough patch. If you need longer-term help see our Other Support section.

What volunteer roles do you have?

A wide range. You could help as a delivery volunteer, pitch in at Cookathons, or help at fundraisers. We need new branch leaders from time to time, coordinating the branch, or its recipients, Cookathons, or fundraising. We also have volunteering opportunities with our national team, doing helpful things like writing stories or updating our social media. If you think you could contribute in another way, click here and let us know!

Are there ways I can help other than volunteering?

Definitely! See our fundraising page  

How do I refer someone?

First, check you have their permission. Then select their local branch, and you will be guided through the simple referral process.

Can I refer myself?

Of course! We believe it’s brave to ask for help and welcome self-referrals.

What is a ‘Cookathon’ like?

A hive of work, but also a lot of fun, as you can see from this Bellyful Christchurch Cookathon time-lapse: https://fb.watch/4ef6mp9l0x/

Can I cook at home?

No, Bellyful cooks in commercial-grade kitchens with high health and safety standards. However, you may from time to time be able to help your local Bellyful branch by baking at home if it has a fundraising bake sale, for example.

How do I get a branch started in my area?

If you are interested in putting in the work to get a Bellyful branch started, get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]

How do I donate?

Thank you! You can make a donation online here or consider giving through our wonderful friends at One Percent Collective.

"Bellyful definitely helped me at the most heartbreaking time when my daughter wasn’t well. There’s nothing else you really think about when your child is unwell and caring for my other children was hard because I was so concentrated on my daughter at the time. I appreciate the time and effort and everyone behind Bellyful. You all make such a big difference and I can’t wait to give back."

Bellyful recipient
June 2023 Feedback Survey

"Bellyful, thank you so much for not only the meal, for the care, the attention, the help and going out of your way to help me because I'm one that rarely asks for help. Felt good to know that someone out there heard and cared with actual actions when it wasn't even in their job to."

Bellyful Recipient
June 2023 Feedback Survey

"I don't really have adequate words to describe just how amazing Bellyful was. They supported me at a time when I was really low and struggling with a sick baby. The service is so much more than the wonderful meals they provide. It was the first time my experience as a new mum with a difficult baby was properly validated; I felt heard, I felt understood, and I finally felt like things would get better. I didn't feel so alone."

Bellyful recipient
March 2022 Feedback Survey

"Having my partner go back to work after two weeks and having to deal with a newborn alone was so hard, especially when he would come home and then cook dinner, then it was bed time. It gave us family bonding time."

Bellyful Recipient
June 2023 Feedback Survey

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your meals. My wife and I have a newborn but no family in Auckland where we are currently living so our midwife referred us to you, and those frozen dinners were exactly what we needed. You’re a bunch of legends."

Sam, April 2021
Via email

"Thank you so so much!! My family had lasagne last night and ALL my kids ate it!! Was a relief to not have to cook after a super long day of a teething one-year-old, a two-year-old who had an accident at kindy hurting his face and was difficult all arvo. And then dealing with two pre-teens and a newborn. You literally saved us from having toast for dinner last night. I was so exhausted. We went to bed with full bellies and happy hearts. Thank you."

Jennifer, August 2020
Bellyful Hamilton

"So grateful for Bellyful! Our Plunket nurse referred us as my husband is away 5.30am-6.30pm for work and we have a five-week-old baby and no family support. A lovely volunteer dropped off a stack of amazing home-cooked meals for our freezer today, like magic! Thank you so much."

Bonnie, November 2020
Bellyful Dunedin

"I was really sick in my pregnancy with health issues and the help was very appreciated. My kids enjoyed the meals and we would highly recommend these lovely people ❤ Thank you so much."

Belinda, March 2020
Bellyful Tauranga

"The food was a HUGE help! I have a nine-week-old and a toddler at home and I was so rundown and sick ... the look on my toddler's face when she saw the cupcakes was priceless (she let out a squeal of excitement). Having meals for her ready-made just took so much pressure off me while tending to my baby."

Zoe, March 2021
Via email

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the delivery of meals. My daughter had her 4th surgery last week and we really struggled with surgery number 3, so my friend referred us through for some pre-made meals. Thank you so much for your help- it was one less thing to stress about. You guys do such a great job and I know it would be a great help to a lot of families."

Sophia, September 2020
Bellyful Hutt Valley

We are able to fill bellies thanks to many funders and supporters.

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