Bellyful Christchurch

Bellyful Christchurch was established in 2012.

Louise Van Tongeren

Co-Branch Coordinator

I’ve been involved in work alongside families for many years, and I knew that Bellyful was a really practical way to reach Christchurch whānau who needed a little bit of extra support.

I’d heard of Bellyful (I remember when it launched in Christchurch a decade ago!) and loved the way it offered something that I know can make a huge difference in the week of a struggling family. I am inspired by the many incredible Bellyful volunteers who give their time and generosity to keep the wheels turning, as well as the wonderful and courageous families we get to meet and support.

As a mum of three young sons, I’ve felt overwhelming gratitude when family or friends turned up with meals for us on occasion. Having a new baby is no small thing, and I have experienced times when I’ve been caring for a baby in hospital with small children at home, and know the stress this can bring.

We love living in Christchurch, especially with the incredible natural playground we get to explore, all around us. This is a really wonderful place to call home and I am thrilled to be able to support the (very large!) branch here.

Kate Stallworthy

Co-Branch Coordinator

I’m really excited to be joining Bellyful Christchurch as Co-Branch Coordinator with Louise.

I remember hearing about Bellyful when I had three children under the age of four, and I know how amazing it is to have someone bring you a meal to heat up when life is hectic.

I’ve been blown away by the amount of care and time the volunteers give so freely to get these meals to families who need some extra support. I’m looking forward to supporting the Christchurch team to continue with this amazing work.

Our Branch Sponsors

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