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Sarah Urquhart

Co-Branch Coordinator

When I decided I wanted to volunteer for Bellyful as a deliverer earlier this year I was surprised that there was not already a branch in my local area and decided I wanted to help see one established.

I knew that the Northern suburbs in Wellington had a fast-growing number of young families who could benefit from the practical help Bellyful offers in the way of meals.

This Branch is a welcome addition to Wellington!

Mel Bradley

Co-Branch Coordinator

Hi, I’m Mel and I’m married with three kids living in Newlands. I’ve lived in the northern Suburbs most of my life and love it here.

I heard about bellyful three years ago when my friend had a toddler and newborn twins. It was such a great help for her.

I started with Bellyful in 2018 as Co Branch Coordinator when we launched the Wellington North Branch.

I’m looking forward to helping our branch support many families in our community.

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