Bellyful Nelson

Bellyful Nelson was established in 2018.

Anita Watson

Branch Coordinator

Within a month of having my first baby, Remi in 2019, my partner had to start leaving us for weeks at a time for work. We’d recently moved to Nelson where we knew very few people, and I didn’t have the strong support network of whānau and friends that may have made this time that critical bit less stressful. I know first hand how lonely, demanding and downright scary parenting under challenging circumstances can be, and how easy it is to run out of energy to care for yourself.

I also know first hand how impactful a kind face and an arm full of nutritious, ready-to-roll home cooked meals can be on your mental wellbeing when you’re feeling defeated. As a former Bellyful recipient, I’m incredibly grateful to be paying it forward as the Branch Coordinator for Nelson since 2020. Alongside my role with Bellyful, I work in marketing, ride bikes, try to run our big dog, Moss ragged, and chase after our gorgeous boy, Remi.

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