Bellyful Wellington South

Delivery area: Please check our map to see where we and the other Wellington branches deliver, to ensure you send your referral to the correct Wellington branch. We only deliver in Wellington South, but there are also Bellyful branches in Porirua, Hutt Valley, Wellington North and Wellington West.
Bellyful Wellington South was established in 2012.

Wendy Lindsay

Branch Coordinator

I have volunteered with Bellyful since we set up our branch in 2012. I am married to Peter, and have three (nearly) adult children who have all helped with Bellyful over the years. I work as a lawyer, I have recently left private practice to work for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, where I have a varied, challenging and interesting role.

When I started with Bellyful, I had spent many years volunteering at Playcentre and felt keen to do more to give back to my community. I love that at Bellyful we are helping complete strangers who we may never meet in our usual life. Giving food seems like such a simple act but can be really meaningful.

Something unexpected has been how much I have enjoyed meeting all of our volunteers over the years, Bellyful seems to attract the loveliest volunteers.

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