Bellyful Central Auckland

Bellyful Central Auckland was established in 2011.

Elle Watrin

Branch Coordinator

Born in France, I grew up in what seemed to me a very small island lost in the Pacific Ocean: Tahiti. From a very young age, I was thirsty for freedom and adventures. I simply could not wait to spread my wings and see the World. I was fortunate enough that my parents shared my dreams and supported me every step of the way. I got to study for my Bachelor Degree in International Business in France, completed an MBA in International Business in Los Angeles, moved to the UK and completed a Master Degree in International Events Management. I eventually landed back in New Zealand two years ago to complete a Master Degree in Accounting and Auditing. But that was just the headlines of my numerous journeys around the globe. Travelling the world to study and work was truly an incredible experience. But moving around so frequently, relocating to different countries, even sometimes to a different continent, also meant starting all over again every single time. And getting familiar with a new place while making new friends take time and energy, which you do not always have when studying and working full time. More than once, I have found myself completely isolated, with no one close by to reach out to. That is why I know exactly what it is to feel excluded. My volunteering activities have quickly become my breath of fresh air. Everywhere I went, I realised I could be useful to a cause. Whether it was to organise fundraising events, teach English to Refugees, spend time with the cats at the shelter, or participate in the rehabilitation of our beautiful natural sites here in New Zealand. All these past experiences have given me the skills and credentials to today lead the BellyFul Central Auckland Branch, hand in hand with a team of incredibly kind and generous volunteers. I am now dexterously juggling my two hats: Fraud Investigator by day, and Branch Coordinator by night. But as I always say, no challenge is too big when you rise to it with passion and eagerness. So let’s get cooking and fill some bellies!

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