More than a token: Z’s flagship feel-good initiative returns

Sep 21, 2022 | Bellyful News

Good in the Hood, one of the best-loved local community fundraisers, is bringing back the positive energy of giving in 2022.

Bellyful is a growing charity which delivers nourishing free meals to families with babies and young children who need support. The Hutt Valley branch’s coordinator Annika Norling says the money they have received from Good in the Hood in the past quite literally put food on tables.

“The main thing we spend the money on is the ingredients,” she says. “We cook once a month, and each time we do approximately 170-odd meals. To do that, all of our ingredients cost about $500. So if we receive, say, $2000, that’s actually four months of providing meals to families in need.”

Good in the Hood supports charities like Bellyful with more than a top-up of cash, Annika says the visibility they gain when Bellyful is a finalist makes a huge difference to them, and that’s why they’ll keep applying every year.

“What I really love about Good in the Hood is the way it gets our name out there. The more people know about us, the more they can tell their friends, and when the moment is right for someone, our name will be there.”

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