Heart Award winners celebrated in Christchurch

Nov 10, 2022 | Bellyful News

On Saturday 29 October, we gathered at Miro in Christchurch for our Heart Awards celebration. Our Heart Awards celebrate the mahi aroha of our volunteers.

We have two awards:

  • The Bellyful Enduring Heart Award is for volunteers who have been with Bellyful for more than five years. Celebrating some who have been with us for 10+ years was incredible!
  • The Bellyful Shining Heart Award is awarded to volunteers who have made a special contribution.

Ngā mihi to our fabulous Ambassador Pippa Wetzell (who we also celebrated for 11 years with us!) and Neil Marolia from our sponsor Fidelity Life for presenting the awards, and having a fun night with us! Our Board also accepted an Enduring Heart Award on behalf of our founder Jacqui Ritchie to mark her 13 Bellyful years!

We had a delicious grazing table dinner and a stunning venue, thanks Miro. A huge thank you to our long-running print service Coherent Digital Printing for printing every single Heart Award certificate for us, free of charge. This is not the first time Coherent has supported us like this – the team constantly go over and above for us so we just wanted to let you know how fabulous they are!

Congratulations to all our lovely recipients!

Enduring Heart Award Winners: 

Christchurch Diane Marshall 5
Dunedin Natasha Foote 5
Dunedin Chrissie Hanning 5
Franklin Marilyn  Matthews 5
Hamilton Karen  Dixon 5
Hawke’s Bay Kat Robinson 5
Hibiscus Coast Carole Pearson 5
Hibiscus Coast Kelly Paddison 5
Karori Michelle McClintock 5
Karori Michelle Mann 5
Karori Sue Selvadurai 5
Tauranga Vicki Leopold 5
Tauranga Amy Kemeys 5
Waimakariri Carol  Burdon 5
West Auckland Tracy Cox 5
West Auckland Kathy Powell 5
Christchurch Moya Trainor 6
Christchurch Sharon Brazier 6
Christchurch Shirley  Black 6
Dunedin Anna Higgs 6
Dunedin Amy Byrne 6
Dunedin Nicole Foote 6
East Auckland Margaret  Bell 6
East Auckland Dorothy Mills 6
East Auckland Kayleen Mckinnon 6
East Auckland Elizabeth Oudney 6
East Auckland Margaret Bell 6
Hawke’s Bay Vicky Barker 6
Hawke’s Bay Jane Tarrant 6
Hawke’s Bay Elaine McKay 6
Karori Fiona Watson 6
North Shore Ann Wharton 6
Porirua Janina Hopkins 6
Tauranga Shannon Donovan 6
Tauranga Alison Smith 6
Tauranga Barbara Redpath 6
Tauranga Rose Ross 6
Central Auckland Mhairi Freer 7
Christchurch Nina Messervy 7
Christchurch Tamara  Bisseker 7
Dunedin Monique Wright 7
East Auckland Shirley Pincham 7
East Auckland Stella Shewring 7
East Auckland Rochelle Fleming 7
Hawke’s Bay Kate Woodhall 7
Karori Andrea Holmes 7
Tauranga Janice Delicata 7
Tauranga Moira James 7
Central Auckland Kym Cooper 8
Karori Caroline Wong 8
Karori Dawn Morrison 8
Karori Julie Cooper 8
North Shore Megan Dinwiddie 8
Karori Kay Webster 9
Christchurch Mary Manning 10
Christchurch Gaile Scott 10
Geraldine Lorraine Morgan 10
Geraldine Wendy Patrick 10
Geraldine Leah Wheeler 10
Hawke’s Bay Rhondda Sweatman 10
Hawke’s Bay Aliesha Gordon 10
Hawke’s Bay Sharne Ramsay 10
Karori Kristeen Johnston 10
North Shore Julie Cohen 10
Porirua Nicole  Barlow 10
Tauranga Anjelene (Angel) Lagerwaard 10
Wellington South Wendy Lindsay 10
Wellington South Andrea Curzon-Hobson 10
Wellington South Bronwen Newton 10
Wellington South Cheryl Spaziani 10
Wellington South Patricia Mazur 10
Wellington South Jo Peden 10
Wellington South Ainsley Button 10
Karori Jacqui Jago 11
Karori Rachel Neale 11
Karori Natalie Snaddon 11
Karori Rachel Smith 11
Karori Kate Fitzgerald 11
North Shore Rosemary French 11
Porirua Rebecca Morahan 11
Porirua Jocelyn  McKenzie 11
Bellyful NZ Pippa Wetzell 11
West Auckland Claire Westcott-Jones 12
Bellyful NZ Jacqui Ritchie 13


Shining Heart Award Winners: 

Michelle  Kitney Bellyful NZ
Mary  Manning Christchurch
Judith Tatom Christchurch
Christina Weerts Christchurch
Jenny Wastney Christchurch
Rachael  Kirk Dunedin
Mary Whitham Dunedin
Marion  Gray Dunedin
Sue  Thomas East Auckland
Angela  Turner East Auckland
Betty  Oudney East Auckland
Margaret  Bell East Auckland
Peggy  McLeod East Auckland
Heather  Shannon Franklin
Val Mace Franklin
Gail Moy Franklin
Bianca Tozer Geraldine
Leah Wheeler Geraldine
Wendy  Patrick Geraldine
Erin Enright Hamilton
Diana Julian Hamilton
Kate  Woodhall Hawke’s Bay
Aliesha Gordon Hawke’s Bay
Suzie Pelsky Hibiscus Coast
Annika Norling Hutt Valley
Sarah Torrington Hutt Valley
Libby  Foster Hutt Valley
Rox Sutherland Hutt Valley
Michelle Garrett Invercargill
Vicki Miles Invercargill
Sue Selvadurai Karori
Michelle Mann Karori
Sheree Coulton Nelson
Anne  Porter Nelson
Tracey Marvin Nelson
Lynley Stringer New Plymouth
Jenni Newland New Plymouth
Eloise Hay New Plymouth
Sangeeta Chaudhari New Plymouth
Peter Ledingham New Plymouth
Karen Brook North Shore
Julie  Cohen North Shore
Rosemary French North Shore
Ann Wharton North Shore
Sandie Shields North Waikato
Annette De Lenardis North Waikato
Sarah Gardiner North Waikato
Trish Thompson North Waikato
Melissa Bernstein Porirua
Andrew Scobie Porirua
Faye McMillan Porirua
Camille Grimwood Porirua
Jerry Teng Selwyn
Kelly Pierce Selwyn
Nikki Reyneke Tauranga
Shannon Donovan Tauranga
Susan Taylor Tauranga
Gavin Burdon Waimakariri
Glenda Walker Waimakariri
Jenny Studd Wellington North
Sheryl Wastney Wellington North
Dierdre  Johnstone Wellington North
Sally  Jobson Wellington North
Nicola  Nicholson West Auckland
Julie Park West Auckland
Michelle Zeeven West Auckland
Maria Dine West Auckland
Francene McIlroy West Auckland
Kate Cross Whitianga
Sandra Brown Whitianga
Emily Pavey Whitianga
Robyn Lawry Whitianga


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