Getting Through COVID

Apr 27, 2022 | Whānau Stories

Preparing meals was the last thing Aquila and her husband had the energy for when they were sick with COVID-19. 

Bellyful Christchurch was able to provide meals to help the whānau while they were in isolation.  

“My husband and I had COVID. We did not have energy to cook or prepare food for us, and especially for our six-year-old son. Not long after that our six-week-old baby had COVID too.”  

Aquila referred herself via the Bellyful website. She is grateful for the meals and loves the idea of hiding vegetables in dinners. Bellyful’s Beef Lasagne and Beef Bolognese sauce are both packed with grated carrot, while our Tomato and Red Lentil Soup and Mild Vegetarian Curry are also full of veges. 

“My son and husband didn’t recognise it and didn’t complain at all. We all enjoyed it. It is easy to heat and fast so I could focus on breastfeeding and focus on baby’s health.” 

“Thank you for the lady behind the phone who rang me and lady who dropped the food, they were welcoming and friendly and helpful. Bellyful you are amazing.” 

The family has since recovered and Aquila now tells all her friends, especially those with babies, about Bellyful. 

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