Full circle for Bellyful – At the heart of Bellyful

Jul 23, 2018 | Volunteer Stories

“My second child came out screaming and didn’t stop,” says Fiona White of Bellyful, Napier. This led to both mother and baby being in tears at times but, “a friend referred me to receive some meals from Bellyful and I was extremely grateful.”

“I’d never heard of Bellyful at that time. I was trying to look after a newborn and a two year old so cooking was the last thing I could think of. The meals were delivered and it was such a wonderful thing,” says Fiona. Even the logistics of getting the baby and the toddler in and out of the car to go to the supermarket, let alone shopping felt like a mission.

Now her youngest is two, Fiona has started volunteering for Bellyful. “I join in the cookathons but last month I did the prep instead of cooking. There’s a lot of onions, carrots and cheese to chop up!”

Fiona enjoys taking part in all Bellyful activities including deliveries, and will be helping in the next fundraiser, a movie night. “It’s cool to do different bits. I like to support where I can.”

“It was so nice recently when I got to refer, then deliver to, a family where I’d been at school with the mum. With no family here she was very humbled by it. She had not heard of Bellyful and said that she didn’t deserve the meals.”
“Of course you do!,” Fiona told her. “You’ve got this tiny baby and a two year old.”

Between the range of jobs in Bellyful, having been a recipient, then being able to deliver to another mum now in a similar situation to her own, our fabulous volunteer Fiona says, “I feel I’ve come full circle really. It’s quite nice and I get a real buzz out of that.”

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