We are delighted to be sponsored by Fidelity Life, New Zealand’s largest locally owned life insurer. 

Since being founded in Franklin in 2009, Bellyful has grown to include 25 branches, which have now cooked and delivered over 190,000 meals to more than 35,000 whānau.

We all know the modern reality is parents don’t always have a ‘village’ to support them and the pandemic has exacerbated this isolation.

We have more demand than we can meet, and we constantly receive requests for meals from whānau outside our branches.  

Thanks to Fidelity Life’s support, we can reach more of these whānau who need us. 




We’re Fidelity Life, New Zealand’s largest owned and operated life insurer. Since 1973, we’ve been helping New Zealanders and their families when life hasn’t quite gone to plan. We’re proud of the support we can provide helping our customers when they need it most. It’s a privilege we take seriously. We were set up by our New Zealand founders with a commitment to provide protection for your, New Zealand way of life. 

Since our beginnings, we’ve paid out over $1.4bn in claims and 93% of claims during our financial year (1 Jul -21 – 30 Jun-22). We’re a team of around 400 driven by a purpose to give New Zealanders certainty to enjoy a more rewarding life. Fidelity Life –here for you today, tomorrow, for life. For more information please visit www.fidelitylife.co.nz  

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