Bellyful volunteer a Local Heroes finalist

Aug 24, 2023 | Bellyful News, Volunteer Stories

Congratulations to Bellyful Central Auckland volunteer Mhairi Freer who is a finalist in the Westfield Newmarket Local Heroes.
Mhairi has been a Bellyful volunteer for seven years and we think the reasons she is so special are best summed up in the nomination from her Central Auckland team:
“Mhairi is the soul of the Central Auckland Bellyful branch. She exemplifies the spirit of Bellyful; bringing non-judgemental, no-strings-attached warmth and commitment to all who encounter her.
When she started with our branch it had only just opened and every Cookathon was almost enough to clear the bank accounts. Mhairi always turned up whether it was a sausage sizzle, bake sale or movie night and brought her humour to weather us through the more disappointing returns!
Over the years at our Cookathons she has made invaluable connections with new volunteers, welcoming them to the branch and helping ensure that they stay on with us and understand the value of the work they are doing.
Until recently she was our Recipient Coordinator, responsible for receiving our referrals, connecting them with our deliverers and ensuring we were able to support the whānau in our community. This role takes an emotional toll as it is often privy to hearing the honest truth of some of the situations our more vulnerable whānau find them in and as a volunteer-led organisation, our resources are limited so we are not always able to support everyone. Mhairi has always fulfilled this role with discretion, care and empathy, both for our recipients and deliverers who fit this work into their already busy personal lives.
Over the last few years, we have seen a handover in the leadership of our branch and Mhairi has always been generous with her time and wisdom, guiding our new leaders and setting them up for success to keep our branch alive. Mhairi is the type of person who connects a community and inspires many in our branch to bring the same spirit.”

Please help Bellyful Central Auckland by voting for Mhairi – if she wins it will mean they can buy new freezers and cover the cost of 20 Cookathons!
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