Our Volunteer Roles

We have a wide range of volunteering roles. Learn more about what each role entails.

All Bellyful volunteers must be Police vetted, and we ask that you also be vaccinated against COVID-19, Measles and Whooping Cough (Pertussis). Find out more on our Become A Volunteer page.

Branch Coordinator

Bellyful Branch Coordinators are absolute champions, who keep our branches running smoothly. They are crucial to Bellyful, as they work closely with the Bellyful NZ team to oversee the day-to-day running of each of our branches.

Being a Branch Coordinator is a role that suits someone with great communication, leadership and organisational skills, plus a kind nature.

It requires some solid commitment, as it can take up to 6 to 10 hours a week, depending on how busy the branch is. But it is definitely rewarding! 

This role can be shared between Co-Branch Coordinators, or you can have a 2IC.


Recipient Coordinator

Each branch’s Recipient Coordinator is an important person as they are usually the first contact a whānau will have with Bellyful.

They work with Delivery Volunteers to ensure our meals arrive where they are needed and in a timely manner. They need lots of warmth and empathy – and to be well-organised!

Depending on the branch size and whether you share the role, being a Recipient Coordinator takes from 2-8 hours a week.

Cookathon Coordinator

Cookathons are obviously crucial for Bellyful. These are regular gatherings of volunteers who come together in a community kitchen to cook our meals. Cookathons occur around every month, depending on branch size and demand.

The Cookathon Coordinator ensures we have enough Cookathon volunteers, books the community kitchen and ensures health and safety and food safety requirements are adhered to. They also run the Cookathon, from making sure the ingredients are ordered to ensuring the kitchen is spotless afterwards!

Cookathon Coordinators do not need to be chefs, but do need to be great organisers and communicators.

This role takes about 2 to 8 hours a month, depending on branch size and whether you share the role.

Volunteer Coordinator

Our Volunteer Coordinators work alongside Branch Coordinators to make sure all our branch volunteers are looked after.

They help with branch communications and make sure current volunteers get plenty of love and are kept in the loop.

Volunteer Coordinators are also important people for new branch volunteers, who they meet up with to explain how Bellyful works and answer any questions. They also do the admin for new volunteers and keep the branch database tidy.

It requires and warm and welcoming personality and a listening ear!


Our branch Treasurers are in charge of making sure their branch keeps good financial records, is financially stable and following all the reporting rules.

They can also help with managing fundraisers and grant applications. This is a critical role that requires a volunteer with good communication and organisational skills – and some book-keeping or accounting experience helps!

It takes about 1-2 hours a week and makes such a difference to help keep Bellyful running smoothly.

Cookathon Volunteer

If you really want to get to the heart of Bellyful, helping out at a Cookathon is the place to be.

The main thing our Cookathon volunteers need is the willingness to wear a hair net! As long as you’re prepared to roll your sleeves up and pitch in with anything from chopping onions or making the perfect cheese sauce, to doing the dishes and labelling containers, you’re welcome! You do not have to be a chef, but some basic cooking skills help.

Cookathons are usually held around once a month and take up to about four hours, though this varies from branch to branch depending on their size.

See what a Cookathon is like (at high speed!) in our time-lapse video.

Delivery Volunteer

Delivery volunteers are the face of Bellyful!

Working with your Recipient Coordinator, you get to collect and deliver our frozen meals to the whānau who need them. All you need is a vehicle (or even a bike would work), a driver’s licence, the ability to find your way around your community – and of course a friendly face!

The time commitment for a delivery volunteer is entirely up to you and what you can give.

Social Media Volunteer

Bellyful social media volunteers help keep our branch and Bellyful NZ pages fun, engaging and informative.

This is a role that only takes an hour or so a week, maybe more if there is an event or special fundraiser happening.

You get as much support as you need, you just require a bit of social media nous and the ability to write punchy words / an eye for good visuals.

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