Pippa Wetzell

Pippa Wetzell has been a Bellyful ambassador since early 2011 after being contacted by Executive Director Jacqui Ritchie as she was making a meal for a friend with a new baby. With three children herself she appreciates how wonderful the delivery of a meal can be and still marvels how something seemingly small can make such a difference. Pippa presents and reports for long running consumer programme Fair Go.

Jesse Mulligan

Jesse Mulligan is a TV personality and comedian, currently working as a presenter on TV ONE’s Seven Sharp. Jesse’s interest in food and experience as a father made him an ideal person to become Bellyful’s first ‘manbassador’. He’s acted as a host for Bellyful events and helps ‘spread the word’ in the media about the fantastic work the organisation does.┬áJesse lives in Auckland with his young family.


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